About Us

Responsibility is at the heart of the Caribbean’s response to the Pandemic and towards wellness on the whole. Caripoint is a resource for responsible institutions, companies and for you. You can count on us to provide you with the answers you need to fulfill your responsibility to your stakeholders, employees, family and to you.
Our testing services are delivered to the highest standards. Our testing devices have been issued by the FDA for EUA, and are recognised by the Ministry of Health. We employ certified Point of Care professionals and operate our facilities in keeping with international best practice.
We operate the best mobile testing service on the market. Know your status in 15 minutes, all from the privacy of your home or office and with complete confidentiality. We come to you!
You may also book a visit to our Point of Care Testing facility located at #3 Baden Powell Street, Port of Spain. Pandemic restrictions remain in force until further notice. Visits are by appointment only!
Ready to take responsibility for your company, family and health?

Point of Care Facility, Woodbrook
We accommodate individuals on an appointment basis. Testing is facilitated at our drive-through so individuals can stay in the comfort of their vehicles. Our licensed medical professionals will come to you, collect the necessary information and execute the Rapid Antibody Testing.

Mobile Testing Unit
Our licensed medical professionals will visit your organisation or a location suitable to you to carry out the Rapid Antibody Testing. Our unit facilitates individuals approaching the vehicle and being serviced on the spot, thus, creating no need for us to conduct testing inside your organisation.

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